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  1. Parts For Sale/Wanted
    One of a kind Ford GT500 wheel table. Wheel is from a 2020 car. I like to make different things, and thought this came out pretty cool with the wheel. The stand and base is all steel and disassemble for shipping. Table is about 28.25” tall, with a 24” diameter tempered glass top. If you...
    $580 USD
  2. The Garage
    Greetings, Been hunting for a 4-post lift. Leaning toward BendPak but recently saw a similarly priced/spec'd lift from Olympic. Anyone had any experience with them? Here is a link to their ad on Craigslist. ⏱ THIS MONTH SAVE 20% On Olympic 4-Post Lifts- 12 Mo. FREE... ( I...
  3. The Garage
    My previous garage walking tour video got yanked off of YouTube for the music. I had a YouTube member reach out to me inquiring what happened... so, I took the opportunity to film a new video. Hopefully this one is better. I used my GoPro, which shows much more of the space versus the...
  4. The Garage
    After my big 7-month bottom restoration project, I finally have my garage back to normal. Here is a walking tour video. The building is 40x40 with 14.5’ walls and a peak nearly 18’. It is on a 40x62 slab with the back 40x22 currently serving as a basketball court for my sons. This court area...
1-4 of 4 Results