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  1. Pics and Vids
    In this video, I show how to use line lock for a tire-shredding burnout in my 2020 Shelby GT500 CFTP! I show the 2 different ways to do this: with and without traction control enabled and the differences each gives you. I cook some tires in the process... I hope you enjoy!
  2. Pics and Vids
    This was a short notice gathering and cruise of roughly 30 Shelbys and Mustangs... Kash Singh, the head of Ford Performance Marketing, was in town for the 2020 Shelby GT500 North American Track Tour. He grabbed a CFTP and joined us in this Epic cruise! We ended up with a red, white and blue...
  3. Pics and Vids
    After two weeks of editing, I present a full-day of fun at the drag strip and “Roval” (road course + NASCAR oval). You will see 2020 GT500s in head-to-head drag race action as well as ripping around the Roval! This is the free of charge “owner’s experience” people can attend in their 1st year...
  4. Pics and Vids
    I spent the day this past Friday in Charlotte NC at Ford Performance’s Racing School for the first class ever of the 2020 GT500 Track Attack! It was an absolutely AMAZING day! I took a bunch of video and pictures to document the event and after two days of editing and uploading, you can now...
  5. Other Mustangs
    I had a request for this video... I pulled the 00R out of the garage today and made a video looking at what makes a 2000 Cobra R. I then take it for a spirited run to show it in action!
  6. Pics and Vids
    I went on my first road trip with the 2020 this weekend... we had a 19 Mustang cruise and had an absolute BLAST! I did quite a few high-speed pulls and the front of the car was left splattered with bugs when I got it back home. I did an exterior detail job on video last night and showed a handy...
  7. Pics and Vids
    Youtuber Speed Phenom uploaded the videos that came on the flash drive that Ford Performance is sending to the owners. The videos walk owners through setup and execution for the drag strip as well as the road course. For a close-up look at what was all included in the owner’s gift box, pics...
  8. General GT500 Discussions
    This arrived in the mail today and blew me away! :eek: This is over-the-top nice! Kudos to Ford Performance... nicely done! ?
  9. Performance Modifications
    Full Manual:
  10. Pics and Vids
    My 2020 Shelby GT500 review! At the end of the day, Jim Owens from Ford Performance asked what I though of the car. All I could summons was: “HOLY BALLS!” ? Here we go... I cannot believe this car is street legal, passes emissions and can be purchased! I have a garage full of Mustangs...
1-10 of 10 Results