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  1. Racing
    My question is has anyone here gone to this school? Is it worth it. I'm in it for the experience and not in it to become the next best road course driver. But it's crossed my mind to dabble in it now that I have more free time. I am considering signing up for the 2 Day course at...
  2. Cars For Sale/Wanted
    I have Ford Mustang Shelby gt500 V8 5.8L manual gear. Vin-1XHT88SX75321293 can is clean New all tyers But car has problems With all wiring harness If anyone want then Whatsapp me +97433067577
    $8,000 USD
  3. Pics and Vids
    This was a short notice gathering and cruise of roughly 30 Shelbys and Mustangs... Kash Singh, the head of Ford Performance Marketing, was in town for the 2020 Shelby GT500 North American Track Tour. He grabbed a CFTP and joined us in this Epic cruise! We ended up with a red, white and blue...
  4. Exhaust
    Hello everyone, After doing a lot of research, asking questions, requesting videos, and countless hours listening to exhaust notes on YouTube, I am down to two exhaust. One being the Corsa Sport Axle Back and the other being the Ford Performance Exhaust. I will list below the pros and cons I...
  5. Pics and Vids
    My oldest son and I had a lot of fun making this video today. I explain the differences between my 2011 with the Ford Racing 750hp 2.9L Whipple kit and my stock 760hp 2020! I then take both cars out for identical spirited runs! ?
  6. Pics and Vids
    My oldest son and I had a lot of fun making this video today. There is a lot of spirited driving in this one (somewhere in Mexico)! ?
  7. Pics and Vids
    After my “Getting To Know The 2020 GT500” video, I received some questions regarding the shift lights. This video goes into how to enable them as well as the different options. We then go for a spirited fun run to show the lights in action!
  8. Pics and Vids
    I took my 2020 GT500 out yesterday and filmed this video. I start in the garage with a little walk around and then get the car outside to talk about the engine bay as well as the electronic dash/drive modes and features inside the cabin. After discussing features of the 2020, I hit the road to...
  9. Events
    10-13 October 2019 Alpine, Texas All performance cars welcome. Registration with the Park Up Front app. Drivers finally have a place with scenic views and ample space to enjoy their high horsepower cars. Come enjoy all that Big Bend has to offer and support the community that keeps it so...
  10. Parts For Sale/Wanted
    Hey guys I have a brand new vmp 2.5 factory look pulley with 90mm idler pulley and vmp pulley tool kit. It’s has full factory warranty through Vmp. Paid 329.00 plus tax through LMR. Asking 280.00 plus 10.00 shipping to anywhere in the US. Also selling my lightly used Ford Performance cold air...
1-10 of 10 Results