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  1. Performance Modifications
    I was checking on the forum for any talk recently about tuners in Florida but the old post seem to be a few years old. I know my friend who is a Nissan guy had some guy that travels the country tuning Z cars and only Z cars. Is there someone like that for gt500s? or anyone with some experience...
  2. Performance Modifications
    I installed a JLT CAI (simple process and no issues at all doing it). We then strapped it down to the Dyno and proceeded with the tuning. Final numbers: 784rwhp 657rwtq. Extremely pleased with the results and it is a different car now. It is angry! LOL. Can’t wait to try it on the track!
  3. Performance Modifications
    Yesterday my 2013 GT500 was upgraded to a new Ford Racing Super Cobra Jet Throttle Body and a smaller pulley, and then the car was retuned. It previously had just a JLT 123mm CAI and 3.73 rear gears. I didn't think that there would be much of a difference, but the upgrades added 40hp and...
  4. Pics and Vids
    Another 2020 dyno session video:
1-4 of 4 Results