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  1. General GT500 Discussions
    Hey All, So I have been presented with an interesting situation.... Some background: I have a 2020 Shadow Black GT500 and it was in for service, during this service someone took it for a drive and put 3 rock chips in the vehicle (somewhat minor). The vehicle has some other very bad rock chips on...
  2. General GT500 Discussions
    Anyone know of a good cover for keeping dust off the car? I live in the Southwest so even in my garage the car accumulates dust overnight? Drives me crazy when I clean and it is dusty the next day.
  3. Pics and Vids
    I went on my first road trip with the 2020 this weekend... we had a 19 Mustang cruise and had an absolute BLAST! I did quite a few high-speed pulls and the front of the car was left splattered with bugs when I got it back home. I did an exterior detail job on video last night and showed a handy...
1-3 of 3 Results