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  1. Non-Performance Modifications
    Been putting these off for months but I finally got around to it. So glad I did. It's only been 40-50 degrees but engine temps and IAT2 are running around 8-10 degrees cooler than prior to the install (with similar temps). BUT longest drive I've been on is an hour, so it's more anecdotal than...
  2. Maintenance
    Hello, what's the best antifreeze/coolant to replace with in these cars? I see in the manual it says to check the color and only replace with the same type from Motorcraft. Did they really fill these up with different types of coolant? Also, I've done radiator changes, coolant flush and fills...
  3. Maintenance
    In this video, I show how to flush & fill both coolant systems in an S197 GT500 (engine and intercooler). I also cover the recent Motorcraft coolant change from orange and green to yellow. The video finishes with some spirited runs to work out the coolant air bubbles.
  4. General GT500 Discussions
    This is a PSA to let the 2020 owners know what I just learned... I noticed that the first batch of cars that were delivered came with orange coolant. After the winter shutdown, the cars that were delivered in 2020 came with green (yellow) coolant. The email response is after the pictures below...
1-4 of 4 Results