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  1. Other Mustangs
    In this video, we take a look at my 12,000 mile 1993 SVT Cobra that still rides on its original 30 year old tires. We take a look at my '93 memorabilia and then drive it to a vintage 1980s & 1990s car show at a classic car storage facility. We look at the fun vehicles attending the show as well...
  2. Other Mustangs
    This post is on FB where some dude is going to be selling a 2000 COBRA R. The thing that caught everyone's eye though is that the owner has 4 of this rare car (and that 93 COBRA too)!! That's crazy considering how low numbers these were. I know @Goose17 has 1 which is awesome. Think you have...
  3. Cars For Sale/Wanted
    2020 Ford Shelby GT500 Driven 1,917 miles located in Los Angeles CA Can help ship world wide Finished in Velocity Blue with the famous white stripe and Leather Trim Gray Accent From Factory ! This is Super Rare Shelby Car has 1917 original miles 1 owner California car Supercharged 760...
  4. Other Mustangs
    In this video, I fire up the 93 SVT Mustang Cobra for the 1st time in awhile... we get a detailed look inside and out, we chat numbers, we get a look at some memorabilia and we finish by taking this old classic out for a drive! I had fun making the video. I hope you enjoy!
1-4 of 4 Results