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  1. 2020+ 2020 exhaust tubing size

    This is from Facebook:
  2. 2020+ Ford Mustang wins 2019 muscle car wars!

    General Discussion
  3. 2020+ New Motortrend 2020 GT500 review: 1/6/20

    General Discussion
    New review hot off the presses:
  4. 2020+ Pics of my 2020

    Pics and Vids
    I shot a crap-ton of pics and made a video. Most of the pics didn’t get used. I’m sharing a bunch here for people to hopefully see some things they haven’t seen on the new car before. I’ll say this too... there are a lot of subtle lines/curves that I only noticed after spending a few days...
  5. 2020+ 2020 oil separator “how to” install

    DIY : Do It Yourself
    Well, here is the first 2020 “mod thread.” I installed the oil separator last night and took many pictures of each step to help the next guy that does this install. The separator is nothing like the 5-second catch can install of the 07-14 cars. This separator does not require emptying... it...
  6. 2020 Shelby GT500 #253 (1st hundred to be delivered)

    2020 Shelby GT500 #253 (1st hundred to be delivered)

    First Mustang with a paddle-shifting DCT transmission... LOVE IT!
  7. 2020+ My 2020 Shelby GT500 video!

    Pics and Vids
    After 3 days of detailing and polishing/paint correcting, I finally put together a video... make sure your volume is UP! The car had quite a bit of scratches/blemishes from the assembly line, mostly around the stripes with the worst of it on the hood. It took many, many hours of polishing to...
  8. 2020+ Finally... no hood blanket + a fully painted hood bottom!

    General Discussion
    It’s nice to finally have a Mustang come from the factory without a hood blanket and with a fully painted hood bottom side! On a different note, I spent all day and evening polishing the 2020. It had quite a few assembly line scratches... mostly near the stripes with the worst of it on the...
  9. 2020+ SP: another road course video!

    Pics and Vids
    Youtuber Speed Phenom posted another road course video in his 2020 GT500. Having watched both of his road course videos and also having experienced the car on Vegas’ course in person, a couple things worth pointing out: 1. It looks to me that there would be a significant advantage swapping the...
  10. 2020+ Craig Jackson’s 2020 GT500, serial #1!

    General Discussion
  11. 2020+ Lund explains changes made to hit 830 rwhp without adding boost (video)

    Performance Modifications
    Good insight from Lund himself describing the changes they made for each pull on their way to 830 rwhp:
  12. 2020+ 2020 GT500 roll race vs. 2016 GT350

    Pics and Vids
    Orange GT500 vs. black GT350:
  13. 2020+ 2020 active noise canceling through the stereo!

    General Discussion
    For the 2020 owners, I have something for you to try. I read about this awhile back and had forgotten about it... the 2020 uses the stereo to basically do what Bose does with their active noise canceling headsets. I have been using a Bose pilot headset for a long time. The basic idea is that...
  14. 2020+ SP race video: 2020 GT500 vs. 1000 hp 2014 Super Snake!

    Pics and Vids
    Youtuber Speed Phenom posted another video putting 2 of his cars up against one another... his new 2020 GT500 (stock) vs. his 2014 GT500 Super Snake that is dial-up to 1,000 hp. He also takes a couple GT350 owners for rides and gets their opinions/reactions.
  15. 2020+ VIR lap times: 2020 GT500 vs. C8 Vette

    General Discussion
    From Facebook:
  16. 2020+ Teaser pics today from my sales lady

    Pics and Vids
    My sales lady sent me some pics today showing the car sitting/waiting. She said no one is going close to it.
  17. 2020+ 2020s on the dyno!

    Pics and Vids
    Another 2020 dyno session video:
  18. 2020+ A look inside Flat Rock Assembly Plant with StangMode.

    General Discussion
    Youtuber “StangMode” got to accompany his 2020 and participate in the building and testing. This is a great video that shows some behind the scenes of the plant:
  19. 2020+ SP takes the 2020 to the track!

    Pics and Vids
    Speed Phenom took his new car to the track for the 1st time. You’ve got to hand it to him... he can drive! Although paddle shifting around the track is fun (I did the same), the professional driver that took me for a hot lap in Vegas made it quite clear that leaving the tranny in “D” will...