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  1. My garage (updated tour video)

    The Garage
    My previous garage walking tour video got yanked off of YouTube for the music. I had a YouTube member reach out to me inquiring what happened... so, I took the opportunity to film a new video. Hopefully this one is better. I used my GoPro, which shows much more of the space versus the...
  2. 2020+ 2020 spirited runs showing launch control and acceleration timer! (Video)

    Pics and Vids
    My oldest son and I had a lot of fun making this video today. There is a lot of spirited driving in this one (somewhere in Mexico)! ?
  3. 2020+ 2020 GT500: My Mode, My Color & My Gauges + bonus footage video

    Pics and Vids
    After my last couple videos on the 2020 GT500, I had a request to show how to set up My Mode. I filmed this tonight to show how to set up and save My Mode as well as My Color and My Gauges. There is some spirited driving bonus footage as well as a look at a neat feature with the tech package...
  4. 2020+ 2020 Performance Shift Indicator Lights (HUD) video

    Pics and Vids
    After my “Getting To Know The 2020 GT500” video, I received some questions regarding the shift lights. This video goes into how to enable them as well as the different options. We then go for a spirited fun run to show the lights in action!
  5. 2020+ 2020 GT500 coolant color difference Job 1 to Job 2

    General GT500 Discussions
    This is a PSA to let the 2020 owners know what I just learned... I noticed that the first batch of cars that were delivered came with orange coolant. After the winter shutdown, the cars that were delivered in 2020 came with green (yellow) coolant. The email response is after the pictures below...