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  1. Detailer's Corner
    Hey Everyone, I was wondering what others do to care for the alcantara on the steering wheel. I take very good care of it, washing hands before driving, trying to use the bottom of the steering wheel when I am not pushing it etc. However, despite my best efforts, I am starting to get some very...
  2. Pics and Vids
    My buddy took some photos of the car when I first got it using a film camera and just sent these over, figured I'd share....
  3. Wheels & Tires
    I’m down to 3/64ths and it’s decision time before sacrificing my current set of OE PS4Ss at the altar of Line Lock. As superb a tire as the OE Michelins are, the lack of choices in OE fitment has frustrated me from Day One, not to mention the special Ford Performance derivative that’s not...
  4. General GT500 Discussions
    I was going through GT500 videos on YouTube, and saw this: I was like...hey, I've see that person before! Isn't he a moderator at You be the judge! -imyy4u
  5. General GT500 Discussions
    It was requested that I start a build date thread for the 2020+ cars. At this point, no one knows the rationale of which cars/locations are getting selected for early build dates. Once you have a scheduled build date, please post it here as well as which state your selling dealer is located in.
1-6 of 6 Results