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  1. All 2020 GT500, 2014 GT500 SS & GT350R “rev-off” video

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    Another video from SP:
  2. 2020+ 2020 on the scales plus driving footage

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    Youtuber Speed Phenom posted another video. He put his base model car on a scale. The video also has some good driving footage. The sounds that come from the 2020 are crazy awesome!
  3. 2020+ Randy Pobst 2020 article: Motortrend

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    Randy seemed to like the 2020:
  4. 2020+ Day 3 of ownership sets record at the strip (video)

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    Youtuber Speed Phenom picked up his new 2020 GT500 in MI on Black Friday and drove it down to TX. He hit the drag strip in Ennis TX and set a record as a complete rookie. The car even had the splitter wickers and Gurney flap still on it which is for road course driving (adds drag). At the 4:20...
  5. 2020+ VMP planning for the 2020 GT500

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    Justin from VMP shared some thoughts on the 2020. He is planning on turning up the wick. Who is going to raise their hand to mod their $80k-$100k+ Shelby?
  6. 2020+ 2020 GT500 Track Attack

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    Haven't seen any discussion on the complimentary GT500 Track Attack at Charlotte Motor Speedway in Concord North Carolina. Owners must sign up in the first year of ownership or eligibility is forfeited. The official website is coming soon. Info is from page 6 of the ebook. Are you planning to...