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  1. Cars For Sale/Wanted
  2. Maintenance
    Hey guys! I will change air filter first time on 2014 car and I must buynow. I read a lot on forum that many people using the AIRAID blue dry filter. That's 50 USD on The stock 60 USD on My question is that what is the different from stock filter? I know the...
  3. Problems or Dealer Service
    Hello everyone, Today was a crazy day for me. A couple days ago I noticed an issue with my 2014 GT500. I noticed that when at low RPMs and then stepping on the gas the car was not pulling. Like the sensation of a roller coaster drop. At first I thought the car was just loosing tracking...
  4. Detailer's Corner
    Hello all, I currently have a 2014 GT500. I have gone through many different pressure washers over the year. Does anyone have one they have absolutely fallen in love with? I have tried a couple of (I believe) the Sun Joe line pressure washers, they were decent but I would like to try a new...
  5. Problems or Dealer Service
    Hello all, 4 months ago I noticed that my 2014 GT500 was starting to drift to one side of the road. At first I thought it was just the crown of the road so I left it alone. A few days after that I got a new set of tires. Michelin Pilot Sport 4s and I love them! While a tire shop near where...
  6. Wheels & Tires
    Will this set up work/fit on my rears?
  7. General GT500 Discussions
    I recently just bought a 2014 Shelby Gt500, I love the car! When I bought the car the previous owner would not hand over these towels he put over the Recaro seats because he said they did not make them anymore. Does anyone happen to know where I can get one or find one for sale?
1-7 of 7 Results