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  1. Other Mustangs
    This post is on FB where some dude is going to be selling a 2000 COBRA R. The thing that caught everyone's eye though is that the owner has 4 of this rare car (and that 93 COBRA too)!! That's crazy considering how low numbers these were. I know @Goose17 has 1 which is awesome. Think you have...
  2. Other Mustangs
    I took my low-mile, completely stock 2000 Cobra R in for its annual Texas inspection and much to my surprise, IT FAILED! As it turned out, this was completely my fault and preventable... lesson learned!
  3. Other Mustangs
    In this video, I remove the front splitter on my 2000 Cobra R and load the vehicle into my 20’ enclosed trailer with custom elevated ramps. I then head to the largest car show I’ve ever been to, to include the most exotics I’ve ever seen in one place!
1-3 of 3 Results