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Patrick (Steve) Stevenson
Shelby GT500
Vista Blue
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Bought from Dave Castine in Mass.
I just bought my dream car. 2007 GT500 with only 9K miles. All original with complete documentation. I left for Viet Nam only weeks after the '67 GT500 was released. I swore if I survived I would buy one. Life happened and there was always something in the way. I got a '67 Highland Green GT fastback and always had a GT until recently (except for the Pinto years). Among my past years I had a 1993 Red Cobra, 2001 Bullitt, 2004 GTS, 2008 Bullittt, and my all time favorite, a red 2005 GT severely modifed. But no Shelby, until now. Other than the '60's style, my favorite was the S197, hence my decision to find a primo '07-'09. I was surprised at how many extremely low mileage S197's were out there. I settled on this Blue Beauty because of it's history, and uniqueness in that there were only 9 Blue/Stripe Delete cars made.
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I just purchased a Kona Blue 2007 with 11k miles for just a tad bit over 25 thousand. I've also noticed lots of low mileage Shelby's and the Boss 302's for sale in my area. My only guess is that owners initially expected these versions to be collector cars so didn't put that many miles on them. Two months ago Ebay and other sites had several Boss 302's for sale with less than 10k miles. It surprised the heck out of me!

By the way, lucky you on finding a stripe delete. Not only is it rare, but it won't stand out as much with the State Patrol as you're motoring by!! Nitro