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Mustang Shelby GT500
Performance white with red stripes
SVT, Glass Roof, Recaro Leather interior
I found this sweetheart on a grey Sunday just before Christmas 2013.... and I was just surfing the car sales world.... and this ad popped up ... Own a Shelby GT500 for 369.00/mo... or something to that effect. Anyway, curiosity got the better of me and I went to the site.... It was a salesman at Glenoak Ford in Victoria BC advertising this machine.... so I called him up the next day... and we spoke numbers... and I said well if the bank approves financing it... I'd do the deal.... All this with just pictures and phone call.... let's cut to the chase, the bank approved the loan and I became a Shelby GT500 owner over the internet and phone, sight unseen... That was Monday Dec 23rd 2013. The dealer financial officer was coming to Vancouver for Christmas dinner on Boxing Day (Thursday) Dec 26th... he gingerly drove the car to the ferry from Victoria to my address... I signed all the papers and to top it off.... my insurance man.... came in on this holiday... got the car duly insured, registered and plated.... the machine had less than 500 kms on the clock.... and for whatever reason it had remained an 'orphan'... and not sold... so they decided to unload this machine at, what I suspect, pretty close to their cost.... it was listed at 66,250.00 CAD before taxes ... I got it for substantially less.... and it's a lovely car.... more info below....
2012 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 (Performance white with red stripes)


2.7 inch Steeda supercharger pulley, BBK 65mm Throttle Body, Steeda Cold Air Package, Lund tune...
Stock: 483 RWHP, 463 ft/lbs Torque
Mods: 540 RWHP, 505 ft/lbs Torque
Wheel and Tire
I have AR105M Torq Thrust M20" American Racing wheels all around.... anthracite colour.... with 265/40/20 Michelin Super Sport up front with 285/35/20 Michelin Super Sport in the rear.... they are relatively close to OEM sizes.....only exception.... all four corners are 20 inch wheels whereas stock it came with 19 inch wheels up front.....



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