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  1. are weird noise's normal for this car?

    Problems/Dealer Service
    These noises are all pretty common in the GT500s - many of the engines make a ticking noise, Ford issued a notice saying it was normal. Most of the clutches make a hissing noise, - and most of the Transmissions make a noise referred to as "Gear Rollover". As long as you can shift smoothly into...
  2. Looking for honest answers from GT500 owners.

    Problems/Dealer Service
    I would like to say thanks to all of you guys who have contributed to this thread - this really is a great Forum and it is because of members like you guys willing to share experiences and ideas. The last TSB I saw concerning this issue specified cars built before 09-01-08 as most likely to...
  3. Looking for honest answers from GT500 owners.

    Problems/Dealer Service
    How many owners of 07-09 gt500s have had the Flywheel/Clutch/Tranny TSB performed - And did that resolve the problems with the car. I have come across a number of posts about owners having to have the TSB performed multiple times. I am wondering what the real success rate is that the TSB will...
  4. Key cycle on new Shelby

    General Discussion
    For the 2008s it was 5 consecutive miles or 50 Key cycles. If you've driven over 5 miles then your all good.
  5. 2011 GT500 w/ 555hp & 555tq

    General Discussion
    They are probably using the Aluminum block engine from the Ford GT supercar.
  6. Has anyone had the factory stripes removed?

    Non-Performance Modifications
    Hey guys - I was wondering if anyone has successfully been able to remove the stock stripes on their car without damaging the paint. Any input would be appreciated.
  7. GT500 Strut Tower Brace?

    Does the brace touch the top of the Supercharger or is there a little space there?
  8. Flat tire???????

    Wheels & Tires
    Usually you will not get a flat from automotive glass. Although you may have picked up a screw or nail on your road trip. Look at the tread on the tire in question - see if you notice the head of a screw or nail in the tire. Good luck.
1-8 of 8 Results