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  1. Clutch/trans Tsb Released

    Performance Modifications
    I had the TSB done and my clutch still hisses. I believe they are two seperate issues. The TSB is for when you have problems getting the car into 1st and 2nd gear. The hiss (so I am told) is the result of a vacuum draw from the clutch. Search Team Shelby forum for posts on this topic. SLC
  2. Blow Dry

    Detailer's Corner
    electric is the way to go. stay away from gas powered blowers as they usually have an oil mixture that vaporizes and can get on your car.
  3. Oregon GT500's out there?

    Pacific Northwest Forum
    I'll be on vacation and out of the state until the 24th. I do plan on going to the Tigard Festival of Cars show on the 27th.
  4. Oregon GT500's out there?

    Pacific Northwest Forum
    fasteddy: did you take delivery yet?
  5. Oregon GT500's out there?

    Pacific Northwest Forum
    We did get the cars out on Saturday and most did get messy. Spent part of the day Monday cleaning her up. The PIR deal is not really for many people and I do not like the wear and tear from the track. I may take it to Woodburn for a 1/4 mile run sometime soon, just to get a baseline...
  6. Mafia Safehouse

    General Discussion
    same old folks, same old smell. good to see some of you turkey's here. SLC
  7. Buddy bought a Camaro SS

    All Other Vehicles
    My buddy just got one too. he loves it and I am happy for him. he's bringing it down to my area (Portland) in August for the first time. I will not ruin his day with a drag race...he's too good a guy. SLC
  8. Exhaust mods?

    try the KR style H pipe from Wes on Stang Mafia. Everyone is raving about it. I ordered mine this week. SLC
  9. new

    General Discussion
    Just make sure you use Motorcraft filters!!!! Others can cause ticking (see threads on and save the receipt. And, it is still under warranty so don't be afraid to get into it . SLC
  10. new

    General Discussion
    can you hear the whine of the supercharger when accelerating hard?
  11. new

    General Discussion
    5 posts, if i'm not mistaken.
  12. new

    General Discussion
    I guess I have never seen Blk/Wht combo. Post some photos once you are allowed to. sounds interesting.
  13. supercharger ticking sound

    Problems/Dealer Service
    what has it been in all of the cars? I'm curious. I know that it can be caused by using a 'non-Motorcraft' filter, at least that what the dealership and Team Shelby members have told me. SLC
  14. supercharger ticking sound

    Problems/Dealer Service
    Do a search on the forum (search on 'ticking'). It could be a valve lifter. I have the same issue only it is pretty loud and very annoying. SLC
  15. stock 2010 on dyno

    General Discussion
    gtcpa is right. My tuner has dynoed several 5oo's and has given a range of 425-465 rwhp verbally to me.
  16. Meguiar's Tech Wax 2.0

    Detailer's Corner
    ICE, baby!
  17. GT500/Camaro SS numbers

    General Discussion
    20 mpg? you must use the freeway alot. I have yet to see anything over 16 in mixed driving.
  18. Supercharger not so super

    General Discussion
    Not true about the SVT light. That is a programmable shift light that can be adjusted through your info center, or left on all the time. SLC
  19. Supercharger not so super

    General Discussion
    Bandits right. an aftermarket CAI will increase the sound of the blower whine exponentially. Come to Aloha on Friday and I'll take your car out for a test drive to make sure it is fully engauged.... :) SLC
1-20 of 42 Results