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  1. Under Hood Pic, Moroso tanks, and caps

    Non-Performance Modifications
    The "KR" style full functional ram air hood from Suncoast Automotive performance looks pretty good and is good for some HP gains. I think I'll look into it.
  2. Pulley and Tune power gains??

    Performance Modifications
    Suncoast Automotive Performance has a fully functional "KR" style ram air hood thats good for up to 90 RWHP when mated with the Diablosport carbon intake tuner kit and some tuning according to the website, I guess it's been featured in a couple magazines and is a good...
  3. Fully functional ram air hood

    Non-Performance Modifications
    Apperantly there is a company in Florida that makes a functioning GT500 (true to retro style) ram air hood. The company is called Suncoast Automotive or something like that. Has anyone heard of this company or, more importantly, the hood and how it works?
1-3 of 3 Results