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  1. Fail Safe Mode

    Problems/Dealer Service
    ...Well got the car back. The part replaced was a fuel tank pressure sensor which is located in a small hose off the fuel tank. Part of the EVAP System I imagine. When the tech could make the car go into fail safe mode, the codes retrieved where: P012C, P0192, P0405, P0452, P0642, P1000 and...
  2. Fail Safe Mode

    Problems/Dealer Service
    I'm cross posting over from the Team Shelby site hoping for more ideas here: Last night my 2009 GT500 went into 'Fail Safe Mode' after coming in off a 40 minute trip on the highway. The 'check engine' light did not come on and I don't believe the engine temperature gauge was even at the halfway...
  3. New FRPP shifter stick and ball installed

    Performance Modifications
    ...well I love my FRPP Shift lever and ball, but was wondering if anyone else had any ideas for dampening the 'buzz' transmitted by it, besides the cardboard gasket?
  4. rear wheel well

    General Discussion
    Yep, mine has it too! In fact, when I first took delivery of the car, I wondered if it was a spot where they missed putting the black undercoating, or if it was white over spray (the car is Performance White). I had made a mental note to watch for any rust. On another related note, MAN, do these...
  5. Touch Up For Blue Stripes?

    General Discussion
    ...perhaps the Ford 'Vista Blue' (G9) may match the blue stripes for touch-up?
  6. Touch Up For Blue Stripes?

    General Discussion
    Looking for ideas here.....the car is an '09 High Performance White color with the double blue stripes. I've already got a couple of small stone chips on the hood, right through the blue stripes. I guess the best way to touch these up is with a regular small bottle of touch up paint. I'm just...
  7. No Boost?

    General Discussion
    Well, good news! Last night I felt the boost come on for the first time with around 540 miles on the new car. I was in second gear when I punched her hard and watched the revs climb to around 4,500 RPM and the boost guage left '0' and momentarily climbed to around 5-6 PSI before dropping as I...
  8. No Boost?

    General Discussion
    I see there has been some previous discussion regarding this, but I'm still not sure what the proper answer is. I picked up a new 2009 GT500 10 days ago, and have over 500 miles on it. I'm not sure if I've done 50 starting cycles or not at this point. I haven't seen the boost gauge climb past...