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  • kent1 ·
    I am getting ready to order some bogard racing wheels. The rear wheels will be 15 by 10". Will the M and H Drag Radial 325/50/15 fit my car without any issues. I am running stock gears 3:31 and stock springs. Do you have a better recommendation for a tire for the track with the combination I just describe. I want a tire I can drive to the track and back home. Your assistance is appreciated.
    Cobra Fred ·
    Hey DS, BJ. I am gla dto report to my favorite GT500 guy next to Ron of course, and your wife who is WAY better looking than you I am ordering a 2013 GT500 and sending the Porsche to the great German in the sky. This will also put money back into the account and pay for my addiction to GT500s. I will have some time between now and when I get it, but obviously it will need your VMP stuff. Shoulda kept the 2011 VMP car but you know me. I will get to keep the ZR1 this way which most people think its a VW Golf R. Thought you would be interested. You better be interested or I will call Tifany and have her wack you up side the head. Cobra Fred
    14indy ·
    Hay bj, Are you going to Indy this weekend? I've been working at the track for the last 9 days, got a couple days off, so I drove home last night and going back to work there Wed thru Friday. I will be going to the John Force open house on Saturday. My wife and our close friends are coming down Saturday noonish. We will be having dinner at Dawson's in downtown Speedway that night. Love to see you and meet our wife.
    By the way, I am selling my 2 extra tickets, 1st turn, low, but under the roof for shade, if you know anyone who might be interested. Selling for face value $85 each.
    Low Hanging Fruit ·
    Hey bj, my wife barb and i met you and your bride in hermann last month while you were on vacation. I was also the guy hanging out with the two texans, big horn and little horn. (scandalous & plasman)
    took the car over to the strip the other nite, had a great time, the track wasnt prepared very well and i couldnt keep it straight?, made a pass with the new vmp stuff it laid down a 129.xx and that wasnt even a full pass! Holy crap!! Thinking the poly bushings are moving around a bit so im going to correct that. Looking forward to getting it sorted out, and a solid pass on a good track, also looking for a way to keep my 53 year old gonades from creeping up into my armpits?
    Was nice meeting you, oh and yea, plasman nicknamed me low hanging fruit!??
    There must be some strange shit that goes on in texas!??
    Thanks bill
    8summit8 ·
    I currently have a cai, pulley, and tune from Steeda. I was thinking of a tvs for a while, if I were to get a VMP tvs would you recommend a TB also, I believe the cai is 114mm. I would like to stay with the factory fuel system and exhaust for now, I currently have the KR mufflers. I was also looking at WtxZR1killer's tvs and wondered if I could get a tume from VMP or do I have to go to Lund for something like that. Thanks for your time
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