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  • BenGT500 ·
    Van, thanks for the reply. The EGR and SIP are still in place and the tune and setup are the same as before the cam broke. Either we accidentally hooked up something ass backwards or there is an electrical ground issue.
    2010 Red & White ·
    Hi Van.....I planning on installing the Thumper tensioner I just purchased from you. What is the torque I should tighten the single bolt ?? Many thanks Joe

    2010 Red & White
    blackshelby54 ·
    Van, I don't have a bunch of money but I am looking to add some HP and torque to my 2012 Shelby. What is the best way to accomplish this without breaking the bank? I am hoping to get another 80-90 which I hope will take it up to where the 2013 might be. I am talking under $1,000.00. Thanks for your help
    Hey Van. When my build is complete I would love to be in the 750 to 800 hp range if funds allow me to. I have a 2010 so I still have my warranty going for me. I would like to start off with the suspension and exhaust and once the warranty is toast move on to possibly replace the supercharger and really up the hp. The other cost effective plan is to do the pulley swap and tune but I'm not sure I would be content with that. (would a pulley/tune be covered under warranty) It's hard to justify spending the cash to only replace the system in the future. What has your experience shown you?

    What would you recommend for starters? Please keep in mind that I am on a budget and just want the necessary goodies to pull of the power safely and effectively. I would like for you to lay out a plan if you were in my shoes. And if you could give me an idea of the prices involved for each "stage" of the build that would help me plan as well. Thanks, Chad
    Woodbutcher ·
    Van, I know you told me that you have the SCT tuner with a John Lund tune for 469, what would it be with the CAI from JLT as a whole kit? or could you point me in the right direction to get that set up? Ford does not sell there CAI without the tuner.
    topsales ·
    Iam new to forum, have 09 gt500 thinking to add kooks Long tube headers 1 7/8 & catted x pipe with kooks cat back exhaust, steeda CAI, steeda SCPulley, and tune. Later add 3.4 whipple and frpp suspension kit. Is this the right plan or do I have it backwards?
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