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  1. are weird noise's normal for this car?

    Problems/Dealer Service
    These noises are all pretty common in the GT500s - many of the engines make a ticking noise, Ford issued a notice saying it was normal. Most of the clutches make a hissing noise, - and most of the Transmissions make a noise referred to as "Gear Rollover". As long as you can shift smoothly into...
  2. Looking for honest answers from GT500 owners.

    Problems/Dealer Service
    I would like to say thanks to all of you guys who have contributed to this thread - this really is a great Forum and it is because of members like you guys willing to share experiences and ideas. The last TSB I saw concerning this issue specified cars built before 09-01-08 as most likely to...
  3. Looking for honest answers from GT500 owners.

    Problems/Dealer Service
    How many owners of 07-09 gt500s have had the Flywheel/Clutch/Tranny TSB performed - And did that resolve the problems with the car. I have come across a number of posts about owners having to have the TSB performed multiple times. I am wondering what the real success rate is that the TSB will...
  4. Key cycle on new Shelby

    General Discussion
    For the 2008s it was 5 consecutive miles or 50 Key cycles. If you've driven over 5 miles then your all good.
  5. 2011 GT500 w/ 555hp & 555tq

    General Discussion
    They are probably using the Aluminum block engine from the Ford GT supercar.
  6. Has anyone had the factory stripes removed?

    Non-Performance Modifications
    Hey guys - I was wondering if anyone has successfully been able to remove the stock stripes on their car without damaging the paint. Any input would be appreciated.
  7. Flat tire???????

    Wheels & Tires
    Usually you will not get a flat from automotive glass. Although you may have picked up a screw or nail on your road trip. Look at the tread on the tire in question - see if you notice the head of a screw or nail in the tire. Good luck.