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  • jfreemanmd ·
    Sean - I did a Level 2 Handling Pack from BMR but I left out the subframe connector and the tunnel brace, but I added a billett lower control arm...I dont drag mine but i do roadcourses. The subframe connector adds alot of weight to the car which is unnecessary (imo). Hope this was helpful. BTW, the car handles likes it on rails -- just got back from Poconos.
    Mctag ·

    I believe you went with BMR for your suspension package. Kelly from BMR is working a quote up for me today on a package. He just emailed and said his original package idea would not work as he thought I had a 07-09 GT 500. He went back to the drawing board and asked if I was opposed to welding in a sub frame connector??? Did you have to do this on your car? Is it because mine is a 2011 or a convertible? Thought you might know since you went with BMR. I am new to this stuff.


    Sean McTaggart
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