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  • cinders ·
    No, I rarely allow my pic to be taken and definitely no videos. I guess that's one of the reasons I play drums, something to hide behind. lol I will sometimes post a song on FB of me singing. Check it out sometime. Cinders
    shooter4 ·
    Yo Tim, I agree with pstone on the automatic notification subscriptions. I think there should be an opt out for the auto thing. Its a pita to have to go to cp to delete the subscriptions after every time I post. Thanks.
    Doug's GT500 ·
    Hey Tim, Glad you arrived home safe and sound. Fun times in Jefferson City! Thanks for letting me hear your stinger mufflers at Shelbyfest. I am about to order them from CJ Pony parts, but I do not have the vendor discount code. I know I saw it somewhere, but can't remember where. Can you please send me the code? Thanks!
    pstone9500 ·
    Hey Tim, I was wondering ... every post I make I dont want an email notification that some one has posted to that string so I go down an select no notification. If I am in the minority thats cool. But if not, does it make more sense to those who want to be notified everytime the post to a string to select that instead of it being automatic? Thx Paul
    scharon ·
    Hello, I have been a Member since 09/14. I bought a 2012 Shelby, in May 2014. I have been silently stalking ( I mean Following) the forum prior to my purchase. I have done many modifications to my car based on what I've read. I have wanted to participate in or comment on different subjects and conversations. The folks on this site should I say.....Colorful. I love the camaraderie between the members of the group. I would love to join in and share pictures and thoughts. I'm not certain if I would even know how to navigate the site as far as posting pictures and creating a profile. Someone that could give me some guidance or a tutorial would be appreciated.
    I live in Massachusetts and I am former military and LE. If you know of someone that could devote some time to me, via a conversation, I would be appreciative. And Goose, I Love what you have done to your car. My Shelby looks alot like yours. I hope you are not offended.
    Steve 413-329-3306
    VenomVapor ·
    Hi Goose17: I submitted this question to Contact Us, but this seems to be a more appropriate place. Can I change my user name to VenomVapor rather than VenumVapor? If so, how may I do that? Thanks!
    BS Racing ·
    Goose I have a bunch of photos from a FEDEX a310 that fell off the jacks , Not one you fly is it. The Email I have will not let me separate them.
    Goose17 ·
    I use red pads with the polish and have used both red and orange for the precleaner. Orange is just a firmer pad. Works well when you are working on correcting the paint.
    greytraveler ·
    Goose, one more question. Do you use the red pads for both the Liquid Glass Pre Cleaner and Polish, or do you use the orange pads for the Pre Cleaner and the red for the Polish.


    shooter4 ·
    Yo Goose, I'm a newbe at the Shelby thing. Where can I get those diagonal fender stripes that you have?

    Do they have to be custom? Or can I order them from somewhere?

    Towboater68 ·
    How about your fuse box cover, where did that come from? I've looked and can't find nothing like that. Seen another member with one that's red with cobra, messaged him too
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