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  • MOGT500 ·
    Hi Tim- Please verify that you get this PM- for some reason other members are not getting them from me.
    Thanks- Mike
    Gixxer1k ·
    Hey man thanks for the welcome. I just joined the site. I recently bought a wrecked 09 KR, I am trying to gauge what some of the parts are worth? I am keeping the drivetrain for a spare on another project.

    What is the easiest way to post pics in the FS threads? I used to use photobucket...kinda sucsk now tho lol

    Any idea what a fair price for this hood is?

    68OrangeCrate ·
    Hey Tim... Looks like you run without your front plate. Had any issues with that? My bumper already has the damn holes in it. But, I’m thinking of pulling it off anyway. Mike
    007snake ·
    Hey Tim,
    I love how you have the scale models of your cars, very cool! I had been thinking about replacing my computer monitor and the new banner helped me make my decision! I purchased a 27" curved one and I originally selected the 100% viewing and there were about 3 car lengths between my car and SuzeQ's- switched to old man 125% viewing and the cars are together, like in your sample. Very pleased with the larger viewing, allows me to enjoy all of the pictures on the forum much better!

    see ya,
    funny, I was thinking I might go to Shelbyfest next year, your gas consumption made me feel better!!
    68OrangeCrate ·
    Great site, Tim. I was a little slow in getting into the forum. I’ve already learned WAY more than I would’ve otherwise. Good group of guys...
    dennis.baker ·
    Goose, Could you call me at 850-274-2237? I would like to talk with you about your 2004. Also, are you coming to Tallahassee any time in the near future?

    Dennis Baker
    Buttinz ·
    Hi Tim,
    I have a crazy question to ask. I’m looking to purchase a short block from a guy in Texas, it weighs roughly 220 lbs. what would be the best way for me to have it shipped to New York?I’m getting quotes and every body is just so expensive. Figured you were the best person to ask LOL.

    Thank you
    blk12svt ·
    Hey Goose, One of my friends on the BOSS forum made a post looking to buy a 2000 Cobra R and I thought of you. Below is a link to the thread. Not sure if the link will work or not. If it doesn't, I can get his email if it's something you would be interested in.

    Looks like he would like to trade away his 2016 GT350 on the Cobra. He just got a 17 350R so I guess the 16 is surplus.

    Looking for 2000 Cobra R
    Anitan1 ·
    I've been admiring your blue GT500 in the pic you posted on your signature. I'm wondering about the SHELBY lettering on the back of the trunk. Did you put those on like that or did they come that way from the factory? The spacing on them looks different than what you get if you use the template that's available online.
    dukes103 ·
    Goose I figured it out. Had to use my desktop to do it as I couldn't get all the fields on my IPhone.
    have a good day
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