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  1. Shelby Challenge coin...third batch.

    General Discussion
    Count me in for 3 in Canada. Black & Red?
  2. This made me sick...

    General Discussion
    I would think that their dog and their Shelby are their pride and joy. Enjoy both.
  3. '13 vs. '11

    General Discussion
    Beautiful pair!! I like the dual pipes on the 13, but the front end on the 11, merge gently:)
  4. Red with blue stripes

    Pics and Vids
    Very nice and very Unique, a head turner to be sure.
  5. Factory driven miles on new 13?

    General Discussion
    My dealer did not even fill it with gas til I was there to drive it to the gas station. 4 miles on the odometer.
  6. Made the decision: Ordered a 2013!

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    I thought I was alone at 62 making that big decision to further fan the flames of my desire for HP. Good for you, Live today, tomorrow just might not come.
  7. Poll-Age and Gender

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    62, Male
  8. Black Shelby Club Roll Call!

    General Discussion
    Home in the garage, first quick piks, 2011 Black with Red stripes.
  9. MGW Shifter Ball and GrabberPony jam nut installed

    Performance Modifications
    Is this what you had ordered? coarse pitch 12MM X 1.75 ? Tks
  10. MGW Shifter Ball and GrabberPony jam nut installed

    Performance Modifications
    Very nice, would look great in my vert
  11. RIP Mr Shelby

    General Discussion
    Thank-you Mr. Shelby for the thrill beneath my right foot. A Gentleman and a man of speed. RIP
  12. Playing with my Crayons

    Pics and Vids
    Wow! Hazman, You are a true artist, the images are stunning and imaginative.
  13. ride comfort

    Bought my new 2011 vert yesterday (Black/Red) Track Pac, test drove it out of the showroom and really did not find alot of difference over my 2010 coupe. Bought it, love it!
  14. GT500's in Calgary

    Canada Forum
    Having sold my coupe I picked up my new vert yesterday (Black/Red) from Kahn at CC. He cares!