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  • Wingrider ·
    To rewind to this year- I'm following the @54First building page at the moment. Any thing else you'd change for us that are learning from your awesome pioneer work? 1 question would be: did the original wiring connection also have 18 gauge wire or is it smaller than what you added? I'd be afraid of over working that part of the electrical feed to the new pump.

    *THANK YOU* for documenting this for us to follow later.
    rjm-1 ·
    Hey Steve, I remember reading some posts on wiring/burnt relay problems with AFCO Dual Pass Heat Exchangers . I'm thinking of installing an AFCO this spring and was wondering if you knew whether that problem had been resolved?
    VNMOUS1 ·
    Hey...your o2 sensor goes BEFORE (upstream) to the cats. Install the bung at at least 90*. No further toward the bottom of the pipe. The reason is that condensation from your pipes will rest on the sensors and ruin them if they're pointing downward. Email me if you want any other help. bj
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