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  1. 2010 GT500 Triple Black Vert For Sale

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    Purchased new by original owner; $48,000.00 (Clear Title/Pink Slip in Hand). Car has approximately 5,600 miles; always garaged & covered; been in the rain only 1x. Black top, black leather interior, black paint, convertible. Has navigation, and stripe delete. One of eight black convertibles...
  2. Breakdown by Year, Color, Options?

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    Hopefully this works.
  3. Looking for pointers on Detailing Black shelby

    Detailer's Corner
    Interesting thread. I just took my triple black 2010 to a local guy who has been in the paint/body/tint business for the last 30 years (So Cal). Long story short, he claims he has developed a product and process that will give the car a mirror finish, minus most of the swirl marks without...
  4. 2010 Certificate-Production Number

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    More 2010 Info from SVT - might have to download and enlarge
  5. 2010 Certificate-Production Number

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    Hey Joe. Thanks for the advice but I have probably bought more cars than you so save it.
  6. 2010 Certificate-Production Number

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    Talked to SVT today. Says 57 triple blacks with stripe delete were made in 2010. Since mine is #8 of 261 mfg. in black, chances are it was the first triple black made, but they cannot confirm. SVT also said a total of 4,458 2010 were made of which 906 were convertibles. He seemed to think...
  7. 2010 Certificate-Production Number

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    any 2010 triple blacks with stripe delete on this site? at the time, I saw 1 or 2 on eBay in Georgia.
  8. 2010 Certificate-Production Number

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    Just received my certificate from Ford. My triple black convertible (with stripe delete/electronics package) is #42 of a total of 906, 2010 convertibles built. I have #8 of 261 manufactured in black. Wish I knew how many were stripe delete. When I purchased the car in 2009, the dealer said...
  9. Playing with my Crayons

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    Those are nice pics.
  10. New to the site. Hello fellow GT500's!!!!

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  11. Please Help !

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    Brand new 09 6 months ago was advertised as a loss leader in newspaper located at local Ford dealership for $37,999. This unit had HID and Nav (hardtop).
  12. Feb 6 Cruise pic

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    Nice photo
  13. Stronger Shelby Mustang GT500 to roll out

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    ditto, happy with my 2010 as well.
  14. Where is everyone from?

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    SoCal - OC here
  15. Vanity Plates...

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    XSHLBY as in 2010 Shelby