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Anything Suspension, this is the place.
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Drag race, road race & autocross: home to all racing!
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  1. Hi All! I just wanted to start a convo here to see what everyones plans are for their 500's. Mine will be a road warrior. Driving it every day unless there is a foot of snow on the ground! I know there are probably others out there that cringe at the idea of putting miles and dirt on their...
  2. This is Part 2 and is for the Scheduled GT500’s that will be Produced after Jan 2020 and Delivered after Aug 1, 2020. Due to the size of the original list, I decided to split it into 2 posts. If your car has been scheduled for production, please send me a PM with last 4 numbers of the VIN and...
  3. Problems or Dealer Service
    I am the recent new owner of a 2008 GT500. When I bought the car it came with a Kenne Belle Mammoth 3.6L. When I had the car delivered to me, the person unloading the car off of the truck had trouble getting the car off the truck because it wouldnt idle, but after giving it some gas and allowing...
  4. New Member Introductions
    Hello everyone! I took delivery on my GT500 on 08/02/20. Purchased it out of John Kennedy Ford and delivered to New Mexico. Twister orange with the black painted roof; technology package; handling package; Recaro seats; handling package and exposed carbon fiber. Took it to the nearest Ford...
  5. General GT500 Discussions
    anyone know the final numbers for 2020
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